The Beautiful Full Moon


The worm moon in Native American tradition—occurring no less on Spring Equinox, colors the world with feelings of hope and change.  After last years horrific fires all our moisture is welcomed, but winter weary bones are really appreciating the spring like sunshine.  There is a hill that you come down into the village of La Veta.  It is fascinating around equinox time, both spring and fall, as the flora changes so rapidly it is almost like seeing time lapse photography in real time.  The changes occur so rapidly with the grass greening up, the fields become peppered with little black calves and the tree buds start to swell.  It is a welcome sight!

There also were many good things that were happening behind the scenes with Huajatolla Heritage Foundation.  The Festival is continuing to shape up to be an extraordinary event.  Our second major event for the summer started taking definitive shape with the confirmation by the amazing author, Kent Nerburn (Neither Wolf nor Dog and many more) that he will facilitate a workshop September 14 and 15.  He has suggested a preliminary title for the seminar/workshop/event “The Mindful Eye:  Looking at the World as a Work of Art.”.  We are working on many details, but registration information will be posted here as soon as available. Visit his site at

Kent Nerburn

The other exciting happening is our partnering with the Sangre de Cristo Center for Youth to offer both classes in art and dance.  Sharona Whitley will be offering art classes that explore cultural connections. Ashely Vandergriff will be offering a 10-week hip-hop dance class open to any youth in Huerfano County between 8-18.  Both of these classes will be offered for free thanks to our generous Art in Society grant. For more information on Sangre de Cristo Center for Youth you can find them at

2019 Festival Update

Hujatolla Heritage Festival

Really exciting things are building for a wonderful summer of great offerings.  The Hujatolla Heritage Festival is set for June 8th and 9th.  This year we are working closely with the Francisco Fort Museum and will hold the Festival on the Museum grounds.  And what a fine Festival it is shaping up to be two full days of great guests, artists, vendors and presenters all coming together for a memorable event.  Please mark it on your calendar.  If you are an out of town guest, you might want to consider making your lodging reservations now.  The La Veta-Cuchara Chamber of Commerce has a complete list of lodging hosts (

Shelley Morningsong and Fabian Fontanelle

There will be events occurring all day long on the museum grounds including a performance by Shelley Morningsong and Fabian Fontanelle.  Shelley and Fabian are multiple award-winning performers that charm local and international audiences with their electrifying performances.  Not only will they both days in the museum courtyard.  They will also be performing in a full concert at 7PM on Saturday evening (June 8th) at the La Veta Mercantile.  We will be offering more information about Shelley and Fabian soon, but if you can’t wait check out their website: .  We are so fortunate they are coming to our community.  You are in for a treat.



Good things are happening!  Great things are coming! Even though the calendar says we are in early spring, ten inches of fresh snow out my window reminds me that winter is still desperately wanting to stay.  What a long, cold, snowy winter it has been.  It is so refreshing to be thinking about all the good things that are going to be happening when our days are longer, the sun is shining, and we are basking in glorious warmth under turquoise skies; plus, the great things that will be occurring all summer long.

Red Squirrel’s Tipi

Huajatolla Heritage Foundation (HHF) has been working diligently to bring many events to Huerfano County in the upcoming season.  Last year was so difficult with our massive wild fire that threatened our town and forever changed the landscape that we loved, but perhaps took for granted.  The fire, the second largest in Colorado history, necessitated the canceling of Huajatolla Heritage Festival.  That was such a difficult decision.  Now, just as the forest is rejuvenating, we too are busy planning for a fresh start.

Many changes.  First, the date has been moved to June 8 and 9.  We felt the earlier date would offer several advantages and be a fine way to start the summer.  Secondly, we have also changed the location to the grounds of Francisco Fort Museum here in La Veta.  The partnership with the Museum is so mutually beneficial in working together to promote our mission of cultural literacy.  Our format will essentially be the same with both Native American and Hispano artists represented both days with stage performances, educational offerings and great vendors.  This year we will even be offering an evening concert at the neighboring La Veta Mercantile to not only showcase an outstanding performer, but to also be a benefit so we can continue our good work.  Negotiations are in place and that performer will be announced soon.  It will be two full days of events that will continue to honor Native American and Hispano cultures through art, education and presentation!  What a great way to start the many events of the summer!


Much to share.  This is the place to learn about all the exciting things that are lining up to make 2019 a most memorable year in offering a wide variety of events!  Come enjoy, learn and play with us!!!!