Workshop Approaching Fast

Kent Nerburn

The long-awaited summer has arrived…. and now it seems to be evaporating! There are many events occurring here in the Cuchara Valley. We are blessed with an abundance of amazing talent. We still have high hopes of being able to host the much (and deservedly) acclaimed author Kent Nerburn in a workshop in Cuchara September 14th and 15th. With group participation, he will share is insights on Native American spirituality, love of nature and place, and the core of our creative selves.The total number of participants is limited to 40 so that there can be an intimacy in sharing Mr. Nerburn as well as the other facilitators in making this a most meaningful event. Deadline for registrations is August 1st. Please register now before things fill up, or contact us if you would like more details.

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Photographed from the deck of the event venue in Cuchara Colorado.

Neither Wolf Nor Dog

Kent Nerburn

Huajatolla Heritage Foundation is very pleased to have this important movie come to our area. It follows the book very closely and carries the same significant impact in the helping to improve understanding of many Native American issues.

Playing at the Fox Theater in Walsenburg, Colorado
April 8th & April 25th

It is particularly timely as HHF is hosting Kent Nerburn right here in Huerfano County September 14th and 15th. It is very exciting to have this impactful artist and author come to our area. Representatives from HHF will be present at both showings to answer questions you may have about the upcoming workshop.

Kent Nerburn